A languishing click-bait reporter decides to go on her own and kidnap a strangely malfunctioning android to find the truth of its existence.

A little about me and the reason for this project:

I want to create a short film about friendship and how we need one another to grow and break free from personal prisons and get through life's trials. Visually I'm inspired by films like Vagabond by Agnes Varda, and Red Desert by Michelangelo Antonioni. 

On to my story idea:

The story is set in the near future where humanoid androids are common and used as servants. Alyse is languishing as a reporter in her forties and lives in a world dominated by automation and isolation. She has recently lost credibility as a reporter for bribing sources and is desperate for work. She gets an assignment out of pity from a cheap clickbait site to do a quick report on servant bots at a local hotel. While she is observing the bot (called Aidan) she begins to sympathize with it. She follows the bot out to its charging bay and witnesses it get randomly attacked by a group of young men. She scares the attackers and sees the bot acting strangely and walk off into the night. She follows the bot to its charging bay and waits for it to reemerge the next day. The bot is experiencing an awakening, fluctuating back and forth between a dream state and reality. The bot begins to wake up in its dream and discovers a strange disk implanted in its neck. In the dream, the bot pulls the disk off and wakes into the real world in a violent shock. Alyse has been following Aidan and stops to help the now obviously disturbed bot. Alyse is compelled to sit down with it and comfort it as the sun rises in the distance. Just as Alyse is dialing 911, Aidan says something only Alyse could know. At that moment Alyse realizes she must kidnap Aidan to find the truth about this strange bot and its knowledge of her personal life. She looks around for witnesses and drags Aiden to her car and drives of toward the horizon. As the pair escape into newly found freedom we see a group of drones hovering in the distance following them and foreshadowing trials yet to come.